Ascencion Bay, Yucatan Peninsula Mexico. 90 miles south of Cancun.

The Fishing

Pesca Maya Lodge is very well positioned at the northern edge of Ascencion Bay in that the location allows many options for anglers, particularly when the weather is not cooperating. Situated on a long, narrow strip of barrier beach, the lodge is virtually surrounded by water. To the east lies the blue Caribbean and just off shore, the Palancar Barrier Reef which stretches from southern Belize to north of Cancun. To the west of the lodge lies the vast "El Rio" system of flats, channels and mangrove. Ten miles to the north is the famed inlet through the barrier beach known locally as the "Boca", and 4 miles to the south lies the incomparable Ascension Bay. And 4 miles to the south lies the incomparable Ascension Bay. The entire area boasts some of the Caribbean's best flats fishing for bonefish, permit, snook and juvenile tarpon. One of the best aspects to fishing Pesca May is the myriad of flats that are easily accessed from the lodge.

There are hundreds of square miles of flats in Ascencion Bay that range from hard packed white sand flats to sheltered mangrove lagoons and channels that stretch for miles. For those who love to wade, Pesca Maya's traditional fishing area has vast sections that offer a good sturdy bottom structure and the guides encourage anglers to get out of the skiffs to fish. In each skiff there is a head guide as well as a young apprentice guide. Both have very good eye sight and this helps enormously when wading, with each angler having his own guide. This situation is also a big benefit in that one of the guides will always double back to get the panga, while the guests continue fishing, thus eliminating a potentially long walk back to the boat.

The Pesca Maya fishing area has a huge population of bonefish that will range from 1-3 pounds in size. Bigger fish are regularly caught and a good day in this part of Ascencion will produce between 8-20 bonefish per day. The permit fishing is superb and there are not many places where it is better. Guests can expect to encounter permit that range between 5-30 pounds with the average fishing coming in at about 10 pounds. Guests fishing from Pesca Maya will encounter permit on the flats as well as in channels and on deeper flats. The fish will be either tailing, cruising or laying up in 4-6 feet of water. The tarpon fishery at Pesca Maya is traditionally a juvenile fish environment, although much larger fish are seen and caught, particularly during the summer months. The vast network of mangrove lagoons and channels will hold fish between 10-40 pounds. In this same area, guests should be ready for snook up to 20 pounds. Because of the large numbers of bonefish in the area, there is a healthy number of big predatory barracuda that can be targeted. Jacks and a variety of snappers are also consistently available to anglers as well. Because of the abundance of species and the sheers numbers of fish that are in this part of Ascencion Bay, Pesca May is a very good place to come if you want to specifically shoot for a Grand Slam or Super Slam while on your trip.

Trip Information

Documents Required

A current U.S. passport will be required for all United States citizens entering Mexico. It is highly recommended that U.S. citizens present a passport that is valid for at least six months after the last day of the trip. If your passport expires before then, please renew it prior to departing on your trip.

If you hold citizenship in a country other than the United States, please check with your national consulate / passport center for citizenship documents required for travel to Mexico

Boats and Equipment

23 foot Mexican Super Pangas powered by Yamaha 4-stroke engines. The Pangas can get into some very shallow water while still retaining the ability to deal with the chop when crossing the lagoon. The skiffs are roomy and comfortable and have large, clear casting platforms


bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook

Rates (Login required)

All prices are based on double occupancy – please contact us for single accommodation rates

7 nights 6 days fishing $3,085 USD

6 nights 5 days fishing $2,645 USD

5 nights 4 days fishing $2,205 USD

4 nights 3 days fishing $1,765 USD

3 nights 2 days fishing $1,325 USD


7 nights 6 days fishing $6,170 USD per couple (1 angler 1 non-angler)

6 nights 5 days fishing $5,290 USD per couple (1 angler 1 non-angler)

5 nights 4 days fishing $4,410 USD per couple (1 angler 1 non-angler)

4 nights 3 days fishing $3,530 USD per couple (1 angler 1 non-angler)

3 nights 2 days fishing $2,650 USD per couple (1 angler 1 non-angler)


November through August


12 anglers


There are 11 rooms in 3 buildings, all with air-conditioning, private bathroom with walk-in showers and nearly all the rooms have an ocean view. Each room is quite large so there is never an issue of space and where to put gear and clothing. Located on a solitary white sand beach, the turquoise water and a magnificent coral reef only 90 yards from the shore, make this an extremely inviting location to spend time. The large main house is the epicenter of the activities that take place when not fishing. First-rate meals, a great bar and the all important fly tying area all take place in this very social environment. The meals at Pesca Maya are a real treat, with a heavy emphasis on traditional Mexican food and local seafood from the surrounding area.

Getting There

Guests will fly into the Cancun International Airport. Upon clearing customs, you will exit the customs area and walk to the arrival lobby which is outside. It's a bit chaotic at times but the Pesca Maya representative will be there to meet you. He will escort you to the van for the drive down to the lodge. The drive to the Lodge will take about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Due to the duration of the transfer, Pesca Maya schedules one transfer per day, usually departing Cancun around 1:30 pm. If you arrive early, you may have to wait for other guests to arrive before leaving the airport. If there are other arrivals later that day you will depart Cancun immediately. Keep in mind that guests arriving in Cancun after 2:00 pm, may be charged a special transfer surcharge, if the normally scheduled Pesca Maya transfer has already departed for the Lodge. If there are no other arrivals on your arrival day, Pesca Maya will schedule the transfer to your arrival time. The current special transfer surcharge is $200.00 USD per vehicle trip, divided by the number of late arriving guests. Once you arrive at the lodge, you will be warmly greeted by the lodge manager, who will get you settled in.

What's included

  • Meet and greet by Pesca Maya staff at Cancun International Airport
  • Round trip ground transportation from the Cancun airport to the lodge
  • Number of nights accommodations as specified in booking
  • Number of days guided fishing as specified in booking
  • All meals
  • Alcohol and assorted beverages

What's not included

  • Round trip airfare to Cancun
  • Gratuities for lodge staff and guides
  • Mexican fishing license (may be purchased at the lodge in cash for around $25 USD)