Near the city of Campeche, in the northern part of the Yucatan

The Fishing

There are many anglers who seek nothing more than the exciting blasts and leaps of tarpon. The addiction is difficult to break. Giant tarpon can prove to be picky, challenging and laborious when on the line. If you want lots of shots at aggressive juvenile (baby) tarpon, there may be no better place to seek this excitement than the tarpon nirvana than in Campeche, Mexico. The area is vast. From Campeche City to the border line limits of the Yucatan State, you will have 80 miles of mangroves, turtle grass flats & an uncountable number channels packed with back country tarpon.

Fishing for baby tarpon is like sight fishing streamers to giant brown trout with the added bonus of the leaps and bounds a rainbow makes when hooked. It is a great target casting event with six to eight weight rods and anglers should expect to fish from the boat. The fish are undisturbed and react amazingly well to any fly pattern and an average angler can expect to jump 5 to 10 tarpon on average. If you can cast 30 feet or more along the mangroves, you'll love the results of your efforts.

Trip Information

Documents Required

A current U.S. passport will be required for all United States citizens entering Mexico. It is highly recommended that U.S. citizens present a passport that is valid for at least six months after the last day of the trip. If your passport expires before then, please renew it prior to departing on your trip.

If you hold citizenship in a country other than the United States, please check with your national consulate / passport center for citizenship documents required for travel to Mexico.

Boats and Equipment

18 foot Hewes Red Fisher and Mako 17.5 foot Inshore Series flat boats



Rates (Login required)

All prices are based on double occupancy – please contact us for single accommodation rates

6 nights / 5 days fishing $2,470 USD

5 nights / 4 days fishing $2,075 USD

4 nights / 3 days fishing $1,680 USD




8 anglers


There are a number of different grade accommodations available in Campeche but we suggest the 3-star Hotel Plaza Campeche which offers quality, elegance, comfort and security. It is centrally located, close to shopping, near several restaurants and is minutes from the boat docks. The hotel has its own restaurant and is comfortable for those non-fishing guests who prefer shopping and sight seeing. If you wish to upgrade your accommodations, we suggest The Hacienda Puerta Campeche. This elegant hotel is strategically located in the historical city centre of Campeche. This 17th century colonial building is recognized and protected by the international patrimony of the UNESCO and recreates the belle époque of the Mexican southeast. The 15 rooms & suites are full with exquisite details, all overlooking the amazing swimming pool and the gardens of the hotel.

Flytreks will take care of all the booking details for you. Hotel Plaza Campeche is where most of our guests stay and is included in the base package rate for Campeche Tarpon Bay fishing trips.

Getting There

You can now fly directly from Mexico City to Campeche with Mexicana Airlines. But, many travelers prefer to fly into Merida or Cancun, rent a car, and make the 2 or 6 hour drive respectively. This enables the visitor to stop and visit some of the ancient ruins or other sights along the way. For the less adventuresome we'll arrange a pickup for you, but encourage you to consider the new direct flight to Campeche where you'll save time and money.

After clearing Customs and Immigration at the airport, a Flytreks representative will greet you just outside of Customs and Immigration.

From the airport, you will be driven to Hotel Plaza Campeche in the shuttle - a comfortable, air-conditioned extended van. The drive is comfortable, as all roads traveled are paved and well maintained.

What's included

  • Number of nights accommodations as specified in booking at the Hotel Plaza Campeche
  • Number of days guided fishing as specified in booking
  • Round trip ground transportation from Mérida to Campeche
  • Daily round-trip transportation from hotel to pier
  • Daily hotel breakfast
  • Snacks, lunch and beverages on the days you fish

What's not included

  • Round trip airfare to Campeche
  • Dinner
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities
  • Fishing gear
  • Departure tax is typically included in international airfare – please check with airline
  • Side excursions and transportation within the city