BC West is a remote fly fishing lodge located on the lower Dean River – a legendary spot facing the Dean Channel, tucked in the shadow of Kimsquit Peak and within earshot of the Dean River canyon. Guests fly from Vancouver to Bella Coola for a charter flight aboard either a Eurocopter A Star helicopter or a Cessna 185 floatplane.

The Fishing

This is World-Class remote fishing with one primary goal in mind – to take full advantage of the incredible bounty of the Dean River. Our unique fishing program is targeted towards experienced anglers, and combines fully-guided and self-guided fishing, as well as fishing both above and below the Dean River '"falls".

Below the falls, our guests fish long, broad runs that stretch literally to the mouth of the river. In this lower section of river, fish are continually moving from the salt to their spawning grounds upriver- each run is constantly being replenished with hot fish, fresh from the ocean.

Above the falls lies the classic 'holding water'- a smaller, more intimate river that rewards classic techniques for targeting holding fish.

Guests fishing below the Dean River canyon are transported from run to run by jet boat. The Dean below the Canyon presents a mile and a half of big, beautiful, broad runs that provide an onramp for fish exiting the saltwater of the Dean Channel, headed for the spawning grounds of the upper Dean. Most fish in the lower Dean are passing through – they're within a tide or two of the salt, and are not yet truly 'holding'. This provides a very unique angling opportunity – large runs with the flow and character of typical steelhead holding water, but with a constant supply of fish moving in and out of the run. We access the lower Dean using a custom 24-foot Dean River-style aluminum jet boat built by Mike Forsyth in New Hazelton, BC. This vessel gives plenty of room for four guests plus guides, and does a great job accessing the sometimes shallow, rocky shoreline of the lower Dean. Depending on guest preference and guide availability, one or two guides accompany four guests on the lower river.

Guests fishing above the canyon do so self-guided. At the beginning of the week, guests are given an orientation on the basic layout of the upper river. They are trained on the safe operation of our 4-wheelers, and then turned loose to fish the upper river on their own. Each guest is issued a 4-wheeler, which is used to access the upper river via a network of trails on one side of the river. Once the guests reach the section of river that they have chosen to fish, the leave their 4-wheeler and fish the river on foot.

In a couple locations on the upper river, small 2-man boats are placed to allow access to the side of the river opposite the trail system. The water above the canyon consists of a variety of runs that are relatively easy to read and quite accessible on foot. Guests enjoy their time on the upper river since all are experienced in fishing for anadromous fish – this is an excellent combination with the guided fishing on the lower river.

Trip Information

Documents Required

US, British, EU and Australian citizens only need a valid passport for entry to Canada. No visa is required.

Boats and Equipment

Guests are transported from run to run on a 24 foot Dean River-style aluminum jet boat


steelhead, chinook salmon

Rates (Login required)

All prices are based on double occupancy – please contact us for single accommodation rates

$6,995 USD


June through August


8 anglers


Guest Cabins

Our guest cabins have running water, comfortable beds and wood heat. Several of our cabins house two anglers, and one cabin provides lodging for four anglers—perfect for a group of four that would like to 'stick together' during the week.

Main Lodge

The main lodge building includes our kitchen, dining room and housing for our management. The dining room has loads of natural light, and is the spot for breakfast and our main mid-day meal.


A separate large cabin with a casual seating area, our clubhouse provides the main indoor lounge area at the lodge. Comfortable couches, a wood stove, fishing pictures and a fly tying area all greet guests upon entry into the clubhouse. In addition, our light evening meal is served in the clubhouse. It's a room with character like no other, and the site of many a fish tale.

Shower House / Drying Room

Our combination shower house/drying room provides comfortable central shower facilities and a heated room to ensure that waders and raingear are dry the morning following a hard rain or a wade that got just a little too deep.

Our Grounds

Our lodge is tucked into the woods, so our grounds are made up of the native forest of coastal BC. Neat landscaping and paths connect our group of buildings, and a footpath allows a beautiful, peaceful 10 minute walk to the river.

Getting There

Guests must fly to Vancouver by major airline. From Vancouver, guests fly on Pacific Coastal Airlines to Bella Coola. Flight times vary from week to week. The final leg of the trip to BC West is a charter flight from Bella Coola to the mouth of the Dean. The price of this charter flight is included in the cost of the trip to BC West. We utilize two aircraft for this final leg – a Eurocopter A Star helicopter, and a Cessna 185 on floats. The pilots for both aircraft are extremely skilled and have extensive experience flying in the area surrounding the Dean River.

The flight from Bella Coola to the Dean goes essentially straight through the mountains on a clear weather day. On days with a lower ceiling, the flights will follow the ocean channel. To say the scenery between Bella Coola and the Dean is spectacular is putting it mildly!

On arrival at the Dean, guests and luggage are loaded into trucks for the very short drive from the airstrip to BC West. Guests unpack, have a quick meal, and have the opportunity to get a few hours of fishing in on the arrival day.

What's included

  • Round trip airfare from Bella Coola to BC West
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 5 days of guided fishing
  • All meals, beer and wine
  • Fishing flies

What's not included

  • Round trip airfare to Bella Coola
  • Gratuities to staff and guides
  • Alcohol
  • Fishing gear