Accessible only by boat, Carambola represents one of the most exclusive and exciting Tarpon destinations in the world. Located deep within one of Venezuela's National Parks on a narrow shoal of land, Carambola consists of a unique contrast between on the one side, an unbelievably rich habitat, ideal for juvenile Tarpon, and on the other side, huge expanses of deserted white sand beaches where huge adult fish pursue the shoals of mullet and bait fish.

The Fishing

Juvenile Tarpon: Inside the lagoon safe from the many and diverse predators in the ocean the Tarpon are at the top of the food chain and hence their proliferation under what must be close to ideal conditions. They are catchable in a range from 1 to 40+ lbs although of course they exist even smaller, lurking under the protection of the Mangroves. For those who may consider the smaller ones unworthy of their attentions the challenges of the medium range Tarpon are ever present. These fish from 10 pounds and above will make fools of anyone on lighter tackle and the unwary will be rewarded with a painful finger burn or a set of wrapped knuckles.

Adult Tarpon: Having reached a size at which a Tarpon can fend for itself in the open sea, (30+ lbs) they make their way out of the lagoon and patrol along the length of the coast following the Mullet schools. Depending on the tides these large Tarpon feed at the mouth of the Lagoon by the sea, snapping up the unwise who are swept out with the tidal changes. These fish reach gigantic proportions and are regularly caught up to 200lbs. Guests are taken out in 35 foot long boats in search of the rolling tarpon in these areas. The waters can vary in color however large mullet flies on intermediate or light sinking lines work well. Spinning rods with bait are also very effective and should not be discounted as an option.

Trip Information

Documents Required

To enter Venezuela, a valid passport from the country of origin is required that does not expire for 6 months after your trip has been completed, along with a visa (obtainable from consulates), a tourist card, and a return ticket.

Boats and Equipment

Catamarans will take you to the fishing site where virtually all fishing will be done while wading.


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Please ask for details. Scheduled trips are no longer being arranged however we can put together hosted trips over certain periods on request.




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Situated on a narrow shoal of land between the ocean and the Carambola Lagoon represents one of the most exclusive locations to either fish or stay in the entire Caribbean. This superb fishing destination sits alongside an idyllic and secluded Caribbean hideaway with beautiful lodging, vast stretches of practically deserted white-sand beach, bathed in sun and refreshed by the gently blowing Trade Winds. Your accommodations are in newly constructed chalets, less than 100 yards to the waters edge. A king size bed, provides the center-piece to the room and those wishing to travel with families will find 2 more beds in the balcony above. High roofs with ceiling fans ensure that the rooms are kept airy, cool and refreshed. The dining room, bar and lounge area is in a beautifully crafted hall that has been designed to allow the soothing evening breeze to enter while protecting from the heat of the midday sun among the mangrove jungle that is brimming with birdlife.

Getting There

Guests fly to Caracas International, Venezuela where they will be met by a Flytreks representative and escorted to the marina for a short boat ride to the Lodge.

What's included

  • Number of nights accommodations as specified in booking
  • Number of days guided fishing as specified in booking
  • Ground transportation
  • All meals, beer and soft drinks

What's not included

  • Round trip airfare to Caracas
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities
  • Fishing gear
  • Departure tax is typically included in international airfare – please check with airline