This multi-destination trip involves three locations: San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Placencia.

The Fishing

This fishing trip is designed to allow guests the opportunity to fish with world class guides in three very different parts of Belize, all within the same trip. All three of the communities that guests will be staying in and fishing from while on this trip are as unique as the fishing environments that can be found surrounding each of the towns.

The San Pedro portion of the trip offers a traditional flats system with a great deal of skinny water, which is ideal for bonefish. Guests can anticipate fishing for bones on marl flats and sandy bottoms. There is very good bonefishing all the way up to the Belize/ Mexico border and guests can find good number of permit in the same areas. The Savannah Flats to the west of San Pedro are world famous for sight casting to tarpon in 4-6 feet of water and when the weather is decent, a trip to the mainland for tarpon and snook is usually quite productive.

On the third morning of the trip, guests will fish their way down to Caye Caulker from San Pedro arriving at their hotel at about 4pm. All bags will be flown down to Caye Caulker by a member of our staff and will be waiting in your new hotel room when you arrive at the end of the day. There will be a change of guides and for the next two days you'll be fishing a completely different part of the country. This area consists of flats that are a little deeper on average than those found further north in San Pedro although there is some excellent shallow mangrove and turtle grass flats that hold good numbers of bonefish. Permit and tarpon are the main targets from this location.

After two days of fishing this area, guests will enjoy a much needed day off while flying down to Placencia, the last destination on the trip. You'll meet your new guide for the next three days of fishing that afternoon over a cold beer where a game plan for the next day will be organized. The Placencia area is excellent for targeting tailing targeting permit on the flats and there is also a large mangrove forest to the west of town where guests can fish for juvenile tarpon and snook. If the weather cooperates, guests can make the run down to the Ycacos Lagoon to fish for permit or if tarpon is of interest, Deep River as well as a couple of other smaller rivers to the south are a great way to spend the day.

The trip from Caulker down to Placencia is done by plane and we handle all of the logistics of getting you from one location to the other. It's an easy, stress free 90 minutes and guests usually welcome an off day after fishing hard for 5 straight days in the northern half of the country.

Trip Information

Documents Required

For American, Canadian, and E.U. citizens, all that is required for entrance to Belize is a valid passport. If you plan to spend more than a month in Belize, you will have to request an extension from the Immigration Office. Guests from China, Columbia, Cuba, India, South Africa, and Taiwan require a visa for entrance to Belize. Visa information can be obtained from the Belize Immigration and Nationality Department, Belmopan, Cayo District, Belize, Central America. (telephone 011-501-8-22423 or fax 011-501-8-22662)

Boats and Equipment

The skiffs are Mexican-style pangas with 50-75 h.p. 4-strokes


barracuda, bonefish, jack crevelle, permit, snapper, tarpon

Rates (Login required)

All prices are based on double occupancy – please contact us for single accommodation rates

$3,600 USD




6 anglers


During the course of this trip, guests will be staying at three different hotels. All three of the hotels have large rooms with plenty of space for gear and rods. Each of the hotels is centrally located in its respective community in terms of proximity to restaurants and bars. Additionally, all three of the hotels were selected based on the ease with which the guides can pick up and drop off guests each day. Also included in the trip is our Flytreks information package on all three of the towns you will be staying in. A handy list of restaurants and bars for each location is included as well as where to buy Cuban cigars or whatever else you might need.

When based out of San Pedro, guests will be staying at the Sun Breeze Hotel in downtown San Pedro. This hotel features large, comfortable rooms equipped with air-conditioning and cable TV. There is a pool and bar located on the hotel grounds. The guides come right to the hotel pier to pick you up and drop you off each day.

For the second portion of the trip, based out of Caye Caulker, guests will be staying at the Iguana Reef Hotel in downtown Caye Caulker. This hotel is located just off the main street in Caulker and within an easy walk of just about every bar and restaurant in town. Two large queen beds per room, air-conditioning, cable TV, and bar fridge. Your guide will pick you up and drop you off at the back pier of the hotel.

For the third leg of the trip guests will be staying at Easy Living, in downtown Placencia. This hotel consists of four 2-bedroom suites meaning that each guest will have their own room for the last part of the trip. The suites are large and come with a fully equipped kitchen and bar area, a living room, private balcony and plenty of storage space. The walk down the sidewalk to where you meet your guide each day is about 5 minutes and takes you past a variety of local businesses.

Getting There

International flights to Belize travel through Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Charlotte. American, Delta, Continental, US Air, and Taca all serve Belize.

Guests will fly into Belize City, where they will be met by a Flytreks representative. Guests are then escorted to a domestic air carrier for a 20 minute flight to San Pedro. An assistant will ensure that luggage is properly tagged to the correct destination and will help with lost luggage should assistance be necessary. Upon arrival in San Pedro, you'll be met by a member of our staff and escort you to the hotel for check-in. On the day you depart for Caye Caulker, you will leave your bags in your room taking only your fishing gear and what you'll need for the day. We'll take your bags down to Caye Cauker so that they are waiting in your new hotel room for you when you arrive later that day. On the morning of Day 7, you will fly from Caye Caulker down to Placencia, in southern Belize. We handle everything in terms of getting you there and all scheduling, taxis and plane tickets are included in the itinerary that comes with the trip.

What's included

  • Airfare from Belize International Airport to San Pedro
  • Being met as soon as you clear customs at Belize International Airport
  • Information package on San Pedro, Caye Culker and Placencia
  • Ground transportation from airport to hotel in San Pedro
  • Number of nights accommodations as specified in booking in San Pedro (double occupancy)
  • Number of days guided fishing as specified in booking in San Pedro
  • Ground transportation from San Pedro to Caye Caulker
  • Number of nights accommodations as specified in booking in Caye Caulker (double occupancy)
  • Number of days guided fishing as specified in booking in Caye Caulker
  • Ground transportation from hotel to airport in Caye Caulker
  • Airfare from Caye Caulker to Placencia
  • Ground transportation from airport to hotel in Placencia
  • Number of nights accommodations as specified in booking in Placencia (double occupancy)
  • Number of days guided fishing as specified in booking in Placencia
  • Airfare from Placencia to the Belize International Airport

What's not included

  • Round trip airfare to Belize International Airport
  • All meals
  • Fishing equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities
  • Departure tax is typically included in international airfare – please check with airline